6 Greediest Zodiac Sign


It loves nice things. As Grayson notes, Taurus signs are quite materialistic and constantly on the lookout for more possessions. Their constant desire for more leads them to save.


Humans who are status-obsessed always want the limelight. In Grayson's view, Leos are "proud and arrogant," and they "flout their wealth." Therefore, Leos wear flashy clothing and buy flashy homes.


As a hypercritical sign, they're always looking for ways to save, so they'll think for hours or even days before making a big purchase. "Virgos are often frugal and cheap," Grayson says.


Capricorns are often insecure. Their obsession with being the best leads to disappointment when they fall short. This is countered by their endless efforts.


Sharing isn't a Scorpio's thing. "Grayson describes them as possessive and controlling, saying they are always mindful of their own bottom line. They're often tight-lipped about their finances and may go to great lengths to hide their earnings from others (and have a reason to get out of paying).


While more mercenary signs value their time, Pisces values it most. Despite what some might think, Pisces simply understand the value of what they have, Grayson explains.